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Experts also found that massage on the recovery of injury, prevention of sports injuries and reduce mental anxiety before the game and muscle relaxation has a significant effect. long distance runners in after long time, repeated runs action after will result in the use of the muscles and tendons of the soft tissue of the tight, blocking the normal parts of the blood circula cheap foamposites tion, the movement of waste accumulation in tissues, affect the next movement performance. Also the excessive use of muscle, tissue caused by wear and tear, inflammation, body tissue and thus instinctively relationship, fixed the muscle tendon, resulting in the phenomenon of muscle stiffness, first will affect to the softness and relax, not treated appropriately, it will cause tissue adhesive viscosity and a scab, after the parts of t cheap jordan shoes for men he degree. (image source: 123RF) sports massage and anecdotal meridian massage technique is different, and the latter is emphatically in for meridian acupoint stimulation, trying to to stimulate and activate nerve and accelerating nerve conduction, start the body circulation to accelerate the metabolism of waste. Sports massage is directly the muscles exert pressure, hope can active the parts of nerve conduction, eliminate fluid accu cheap jordans for sale mulation, reduce soft tissue inflammation, adhesion, so that the muscles to restore integrity and security after the action is complete the activity. Therefore, in general, the movement of massage manipulation directly to the exercise part of the operation, the time required for the meridian massage is short, the effect is more direct and effective. After intense exercise, 15-20 minutes of exercise massage to achieve the desired resul cheap jordans for sale mens ts. Sports Massage gimmick dozens, different techniques have different roles and professional trainer (Sport trainer) will be proficient in these different techniques, Taiwan in sports massage this field is not widespread (though the streets are full of meridian massage), the general public runners to be easy to find a professional sports massage is difficult, so we can do is "running partner each other simple massage" and "using pro cheap jordans online ps self massage". (photo: Guo Fengzhou) run parts need to have basic massage foot, Achilles tendon, leg, knee, thigh. The following directions and methods for the proposed massage: (1): the foot sole part utility to relax muscles, accelerate the circulation, avoid plantar fasciitis. 1. toe extension: contains the downward pressure (Figure 1), the individual finger activities (Figure two) (Figure 1 (left), figure two (right), picture source: Guo Fengzhou 2. foot lateral bending (Figure three) (Figure three, picture source: Guo Fengzhou) 3. soles of the feet plantar muscle membrane (outer edge, and Figure 4), intermediate (Figure 5), massage method is directly with both hands thumb along the growth direction of the tendon can be pushed. (Figure four (left), figure five (right), picture source: Guo Fengzhou 〉Jordan Spiz'ike X SoleFly two anniversaries Friends and Family package 2013-12-08 22:29:46 Jordan Spiz'ike as Jordan Brand shoes fit the most popular, not only because of Spike Lee's personal charm, but also because Jordan Spiz'ike often launch various versions of color, and these colors are constantly impact our nerves, Spike Lee recently participated in Miami's famous shops SoleFly opening ceremony of the second anniversary of the birthday, not only that, but also for SoleFly specially launched this special version called Friends and Family of Jordan Spiz'ike, since it is a special edition of Nature in color under the foot work, senior shoes, fans can see at a glance, this Jordan Spiz'ike color University of Miami Hurricanes team color, green nubuck uppers become a main color, with yellow, orange and black, orange crystal outsole is used at the end, but on the back heel lift is embroidered with the words SoleFly of.