Before, the Internet has exposed Nike SB Dunk Low "Candy Cane" this pair of shoes, the shoes to stick Tang as the design inspiration to create quite a Christmas atmosphere, the entire pair of shoes covered with red and white striped Turquoise collocation unique personality charm; Christmas as western festivals, Nike launched such eye-catching color will attract people attention. At present, the shoes are on sale, item number: 313170-613 price: $100, interested friends may wish to look at.Perhaps it is because it is Retro jordans for sale the celebration of the next 25th anniversary years; perhaps it does not want to high-profile; perhaps it was a introverted friend, but it is what we think of the heart, cold winter, deep color clothes, it will make people have no spirit, days before the Nike to create Foot Locker a pair of exclusive Air Max 90 Lunar WR color for the orange red Hyperfuse accompanied with material uppers, Lunarlon and Air Max dual technology in bottom, which shows the brand's heart, extremely rosy color, so that this winter is no long cheap jordans online er monotonous, the shoes at $200. was founded in 1905 horween leather company, is the world's largest supplier of horsehide and North American profit rate highest tannery. In the past 100 years history of the development of the brand. Horween always uphold "skin emperor" legendary "making the world's best leather" objectives continue to progress, regardless of the complex precision craftsmanship or stringent pursuit for details, forge the name. Recently Adidas originals invited to horween cooperation, bring high cyl Cheap air jordans for sale inder and a lower cylinder two Stan Smith co branded version, design are used horween produced Essex leather as raw material, to classic shoes into more high-end and luxury temperament. The series will be in the near future Adidas designated retailers and, priced at $160 and $150, respectively. Source: HYPEBEAST& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network] "about the now 300 yuan can buy a pair of Nike shoes, 800 yuan can buy the original price of 1,200 yuan Howard dedicated basketball shoes, it Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping is a bargain!" Yesterday, the upcoming school high school student Liu excited to show off to reporters from his newly bought shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; two 6.5 fold, at least 700 minus 210 ...... street Nike, Adidas striking discounts so many people willing to orders, the former become big shoes the "civilian shoes," Why the recent sports brand crazy prices? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; not only in major shopping malls in the well-known sports brand launched discounts, cash back and other cheap jordans for sale mens promotional measures, brand stores on the street also shouted eye-catching promotions slogan. Jiefang Road and East Street intersection in the city, Nike, Adidas, sports brand like a pair of two brothers tightly next to each discount period, discount efforts also have maintained the same tone, "the audience 7.8 fold, summer T-shirt 7.5 fold, two 6.5 fold "; Nike store on the House side streets are played" over 300 up by 70, up by 140 over 500, at least 700 stand by 210 "promotional rate almost equal to the country cheap jordan shoes for men ...... sports brand. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Professor Lu Lijun School of Economics and Business University, Zhejiang think, from the environment in terms of the global financial crisis spread to the retail, clothing retail most affected the impact on prices is not optimistic about the market trend is obvious, sports brand, too. Never before "No price, no discount" high-end brands began this year to lower the figure frequently used from the "discounts" this market weapon. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Retro jordans for sale & nbsp; & nbsp; reporter learned from the industry, after last year's Olympics, several well-known brand has been plagued by large inventories. Financial Reports Adidas fiscal 2009 first quarter show that, excluding currency factors, the first quarter of the adidas Group value of inventories increased by 18 percent, such as in euros, then inventory value increased by 28%, from 1.578 billion euros a year earlier to 20.16 billion euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; clothing business Lin boss told reporter Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping s, Adidas, Nike and other brands ordering system has its own peculiarities, we need six months earlier or a quarter of orders, order quantity The more that get a discount will be lower. Last year is Olympic year, many dealers are more optimistic on the market to determine. For diluted cost, under orders increased significantly, leading to an oversupply of the market this year, and now have a sale.After the release of the Nike Zoom Sonic Flight University Red, Nike and Nike Sonic Flight as the body appends a new colo cheap foamposites r. The new shoes are mainly black, purple embroidered cushion and keel details, toe in white black shoes off very conspicuous, love friends please sustained attention. item: 641333-001Release date: nike-zoom-sonic-flight-black-purple-venom-release-date.jpg (127.32 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-4-9 14:49 upload nike-zoom-sonic-flight-black-purple-venom-release-date-03-570x424.jpg (39.56 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-4-9 14:49 upload nike-zoom-sonic-flight-black-purple-venom-release-date cheap jordans for sale -01.jpg (119.49 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-4-9 14:49 upload nike-zoom-sonic-flight-black-purple-venom-release-date-02.jpg (114.06 KB, download number: 27) download 2014-4-9 Nike Sonic Flight 14:49 upload, Purple Venom 00 the World Trade Organization (WTO) director general Lamy recently in a chat with global users in unusual on the EU "shoe dispute" statement, called "anti-dumping not abuse", Chinese can appeal to WTO. Lamy 19 answered 150 questions from global netizens; he used to comment very little on trade disputes among WTO members. But in the discussion, Lamy made a clean speech about the shoe dispute between China and Europe, saying it was a good time to clear up such disputes. He said that if China considers the EU's decision to be unfair, it can resort to WTO's dispute settlement mechanism at any time because WTO has the right to supervise the agreement. Rami stressed that "anti-dumping should not be abused", and anti-dumping should only exist in the existing problems of reality and competition. however he also said that if the price of exports was significantly lower than that in the domestic sales of the "normal value", is detrimental to the country of destination for export related industries, WTO allows countries to take anti-dumping measures. the Sino European shoe dispute originated from a large volume of Chinese footwear exports to the EU over the past few years. The EU related forces, including the Italy Footwear Association, immediately asked for an investigation into the export of Chinese leather shoes and footwear. The European Union agreed earlier this year that the provisional anti-dumping duties should be levied within half a year. Immediately after a fierce debate in the EU earlier this month decided to extend the period of 2 years of anti-dumping, anti-dumping tax rates as high as 16.5%. The decision prompted a response from China's shoe maker, which is currently being appealed to the European Court of justice and appealed to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. (editor in chief: admin)