by Adidas originals and Japan fashion brand white mountaineering to build a new 2016 Summer Series in just the past weekend officially on sale, and the two pairs of SPGR shoes is also much attention. Simple classic shoe body contour by white, blue color high-grade leather. Both sides join three line leather embossed, and in the heel symbolizes the mountaineering white triangle leather standard into "clover" logo as details, two pairs of shoes are equipped with a white soles. At present, the two pairs of SPGR can be purchased through DOE Shanghai, priced at 1299 yuan . source: hypebeast a Sunday in early August, a shoe factory is located in Wenzhou Lucheng District, the roar o cheap jordans for sale f the machine, the 30 year old Zhang Xiaoyan gave up the plan to return home to visit relatives in Anhui, standing in an automatic grinding machine is busy. Behind her, dozens of boxes of shoes destined for Italy were piled up to the ceiling. "we pay by the piece rate; we make a pair of shoes with a price of 30 euros and earn only a few cents.". The boss said the next list wasn't big enough, so now we're working overtime to get a little more." When he said this, Zhang Xiaoyan looked helpless. "at present, the EU leather shoes list has been little, salesman came to ask me whether this list should be signed, to tell the truth, I am very difficult to judge.". It is a cheap jordans for sale mens wkward to answer now or not. Then, in case of loss, it is possible to fail." Wenling is located in the town of Lantau Island, a large shoe-making enterprises, foreign trade manager Hu Liang said. No. two program was rejected; Chinese shoe exports are in trouble; after the early last month announced a day before the final number scheme, and dished out two final solution: since October 7, 2006 5 years, Chinese all leather shoes exports to the EU shall levy 16.5% anti-dumping duties, China only get market economy status Jinlu shoes tax is still 9.7%. Among them, the European Union still refuses to exclude anti-dumping measures against children's shoes. in many cheap jordans online shoes prices hanging on the high tax, the European Union and the twists and turns - the latest news, this program was the United Kingdom and other 13 Member States opposed and failed to pass. "this is a danger signal."." EU China shoe products anti-dumping response to the league's relevant person in charge said in an interview. It is reported that the European Union on China's leather shoes preliminary valid until October 6th of this year, if not through the final EU programme before, from October 7th onwards will automatically stop China's shoe anti-dumping duties. However, the EU may not be satisfied, but there is time brewing third project, is expected to again in Se Retro jordans for sale ptember in the European Union vote. although the EU anti-dumping program is pending, but the industry's attitude is not optimistic. "May be a harsh." China Leather Industry Association official said, if the two program fully implemented, the EU market door is tantamount to the Chinese shoe prices completely closed. "The European Union is pushing us into trouble." Reporters from other channels learned, although before 16.5% taxes already allow the domestic shoe enterprises complain incessantly, but some EU forces are tough enough, chairman of the Italy Footwear Association cable) Moratinos and China foreign minister Li Zhaoxing met with reporters said that the footwear Retro jordans for sale industry in the Spanish economy occupies a pivotal position, very sensitive, created 40000 jobs, the Spanish government will be protected within the EU framework. in March 22nd, the European Commission will formally decide whether to levy provisional anti-dumping duties for half a year on leather shoes from China and vietnam. In March 16th, members of the European Union anti-dumping Commission agreed to levy provisional anti-dumping duties on leather shoes imported from China and Vietnam through a consultation vote. EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson suggested last month that a temporary six-month anti-dumping duty on Chinese and Vietnamese leather shoes, starti cheap jordan shoes for men ng in April 7th. In 6 months, the anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes has gradually shifted from 4% to 19.4%, and the anti-dumping duty on Vietnamese leather shoes has changed from 4% to 16.8%. However, leather, children's shoes and high-tech sports shoes are not included here. about had Spanish shoes burning incident, Moratinos said, Spain has to Chinese government apologized, he believes that such events will only undermine the good economic and trade relations. He said the measures taken by the European Union were meant to prevent such incidents from happening again. (Editor: admin)Today, Jordan Brand officially released its signing superstar Griffin tailore Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping d new Jordan Super.Fly 3. 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Now, it is planning to recover the lost time. Yesterday, the Shanghai Taiwan Business Association Association Presid Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ent Zhang Fumei told reporters: "before the end of June, Taiwanese investment restrictions will be significantly relaxed." Zhang Fumei's other identity is Ma Ying-Jeou's backup team. Like him, many Taiwan companies have seen the westward expansion of the mainland as the only way out of the downturn. Taiwan businessmen brewing, increasing capital and expanding production these days, sending business cards has become a tedious and happy job for many Taiwanese businessmen. "finally don't sneak around."." When it comes to "5, 20", a Taiwan boss says the first thing to do is to formally introduce himself to old friends who have worked together for years. Prior t cheap foamposites o this, Taiwan enterprises to invest in China shall not exceed 40% of its net assets, and strictly limit sensitive technology exports. Therefore, in the past few years, he and many businessmen doing business in mainland China, to their own identity secretive. in fact, in the near future, Zhang Rongfa Terry Gou, Wang Yongqing and Zhang Zhongmou, Ma Ying-Jeou and Taiwan business tycoon frequent political and economic interaction, it is not difficult to see the Taiwan enterprises urgently. TSMC, which has set up a plant in Shanghai, Songjiang, is gradually increasing its investment in the mainland. Apart from investment restrictions, the relaxation of technical restrictions is equally important. "We expect further technical restrictions." TSMC spokesman Ceng Jinhao said. A semiconductor is a pillar industry in Taiwan, due to concerns about technology outflow, Taiwan now allows only 8 inch Fab "Shore", but for the world's largest semiconductor manufacturing services company, this kind of technology is lagging behind. Taiwan because of investment restrictions delaying opportunities in fact, in the past few years, the investment restrictions in Taiwan to open up the mainland market Yiwu Business opportunities. Taiwan's chip industry is second to none in the world, but it lags far behind its rivals on the mainland. Equally vulnerable are flat panel displays and the petrochemical industry. at present, Taiwan businessmen are taking stock raising in Hongkong to reduce the shares held by Taiwan parent company to mainland enterprises, so as to avoid investmentDoernbecher children's hospital is renowned not only in the medical profession, but also in the Sneaker field. From the beginning of 2003, Nike every year with the hospital together to create a variety of exclusive shoes made of this rehabilitation children dominant design, to encourage more children face the illness, inspire their courage and will overcome pain. The designers of each pair of shoes, through a pair of shoes, to convey their feelings to express, depicting their own small world. The children's free and unconstrained ideas are galloping freely on classic sneakers, followed by a pair of brightly colored and meaningful sneakers. Adidas classic glory return Adidas Climacool 1 days ago has released a new set of color series, this group called "Precious Metals" series of the new Climacool 1 contains a gold silver different color, the body of the shoe design very gloss collocation signs of adiPrene and adiPrene+ cushioning rubber unit, consistently breathable and comfortable but also very fashion temperament. It is reported that the series is tentatively scheduled for sale around October 30th.