& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] as part of the sports industry chain, domestic brands enjoy a valuation increase expected. Industry insiders believe that, with Nike announced that its application will support running more other brands intelligent terminals, domestic and foreign brands will battle "circle of friends", by social and health management circles users. In the long term clear inventory, experiencing a wave of closed shop tide after consecutive losses to follow Li Ning, Nike, select the "sport + technology" of the road. But with the Nike brand and the mass of different users, the lack of "basic" Li Ning must first reach more consumers find intelligent hardware entrance, millet has become an excellent partner. This is a precedent in the Mainland of sports and wisdom hardware cross-border cooperation. In the domestic brands, the Li Ning considered drink the "first taste of the cheap jordans for sale soup", but the face of the strong force of foreign brands, this user prelude to battle just opened. After more than Adidas ranks second largest sports brand Under Armour (Under Armour) early in February this year to $ 560 million acquisition of US MyFitnessPal and Denmark Endomondo these two applications, with 120 million global health community to establish a digital link. In addition, it announced a partnership with HTC, to enter the field of wearable smart devices. Leader Nike also recently announced a comprehensive cooperation with Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo Fitness and Netpulse's. Nike APP will support more brands of smart terminal equipment, the athletic performance share to each social platform. Apple Smart Watch publication, on-line synchronization microblogging "microblogging movement", to help users real-time recording and motion data sharing, microblogging has become the first to support Apple Watch application. It Retro jordans for sale is said that "microblogging movement" also supports other third-party hardware device wearable and domestic mainstream variety shows and large communication Marathon, there will be a number of stars users to use "microblogging movement" to share data, flagship social marketing, called the fans, co-sponsored sprint to the relevant tasks, which will allow users to get more of a sense of participation. According to plump motion previously released "2014 White Paper on China running" cloud database survey statistics show that Guangzhou runner most "love hyun", after the 61.4% of people want to finish recording sent to a social platform, with more than a group of friends inside level. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Annie Shoes & nbsp; Bao Manning shoes.)many people in Taobao shoes go through a lot of people in the Taobao with the price of genuine buy high imitation cheap jordan shoes for men shoes, wrong, but also cannot say, then Xiaobian today to talk about how to deal with this matter? here, Xiaobian remind many petty, including now readers. If you want the authentic goods, must go to the official outlets, or go to a regular store to buy large. a lot of personal Taobao shop, no matter how much a crown, are likely to be fake. Because inside you might not understand, but I understand. You think, Nike such a large company, how can a Taobao store authorization, at least is the enterprise level. think of bad physical stores, many of which are mixed with the sale of brand shoes, do not want to, are high imitation goods, impossible to guard against. polish your eyes, don't cheap on the line. The above is to want to buy authentic shoes of the students some advice. then give some words to buy high imitation shoes. In fact, high imitation shoes, the essence of quality, is not on the table, infringement o Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping f the big company. A lot of high imitation shoes are Brand Company OEM factory production. For example, Putian high imitation shoes, there is a lot of foundry processing. Of course, there are many factories not fake. Do not say it. really want to buy high quality high imitation shoes, really have to see what kind of person you meet. deep water, do not casually. If you really want to know the high imitation shoes, can also be private small micro igou168, you. then the following small series of a high imitation Taobao shop occupation bad teacher Kengpian case, a hot topic is some time ago. Slowly you spectators see. buyers and Meng chats. 22 year old Meng is from Changde, after graduating from college in partnership with a friend opened a Taobao shop, selling high imitation shoes. In June 14th, Xiao Meng received the first business buyers, "heroism" took 11 pairs of shoes. Xiao Meng thought he can earn money, did not cheap foamposites expect to encounter fake people occupation. selling high imitation shoes, apply for a refund buyers do not return Meng introduced their own shop in the main selling shoes, including some famous brand logo and similar shoes, such as "Nike" and "Vans" and "NewBalance" etc.. However, the price of these shoes in about tens of dollars to a hundred dollars, far below the counter price, "which is actually a" high imitation shoes "". 6 10, a man named "female rabbit map" of the users to send him message in Ali Wangwang, about the so-called "Nike" shoe store. Don't talk about how long the "female rabbit map" disposable photographed 9 pair of shoes and 2 pairs of shoes, a total payment of 1487 yuan. "After the payment, the buyer asked me 'is not high imitation."." Meng said, his answer truthfully is "high imitation", before the end of the dialogue. 〉2017 ushered in a new summer in imperceptibly, but the trend this summer s Retro jordans for sale ingle product you do not know whether the trend of ICON ready? Much attention has been paid to Adidas successive sale of new products constantly, every time the warehouse is not robbed empty, this year is to let Adidas have tasted the sweetness of many. With yeezyboost350v2 all the way through often let everyone pay attention to a wave of white shoes are on sale at the official website of Nike! We have to check, each must be Yan value extremely, let Xiaobian timely start wave. Nike Air Force 1 Ultra LeatherThe lightweight AF1 with air style design, the upper volume modeling above, very large changes in the province's shoe weight is extremely lightweight, yet air style, recommendation five stars! Nike Sock Dart BR recommendation 5 stars said it was dubbed the Breathe double English respiratory name presented in white in the Sock Dart above, not only that the shoe itself still further enhance the above functional uppe Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping r air permeability, defined by head perfect fit for summer wear. Nike Roshe Two this is currently recognized as the official white shoes the most lightweight and comfortable, flexible and soft, inherited the two generation three foot soft cushioning foam layer to bring you that you can't imagine, in the foot feeling above is more elastic price is plus free playback. Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2 FlyknitThe Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2 Flyknit according to the current official release number of visible AM90 classic shoe appearance to undertake the Flyknit woven upper precision improvement, after a small test in the choice of feeling comfortable, this pair of white looks refreshing, Flyknit woven texture delicate design originality is still visible. Air Jordan 1 MidThe Air Jordan 1 Mid with a pair of small series is also in the recent AJ1 dark blue with the desire to buy "OG" element has sold "white leather shoes, collocation pur cheap jordans for sale mens e white in the bottom. The beautiful white black and blue to AJ Air Jordan 4 Pure Money of the official channels are on sale, the trend of the play OCOIN if you think this summer let you cool enough, these white shoes to let you fly to the sky, everything will be good irritability elimination, love friends may wish to focus the text on the picture below, small tracking reports, late for everyone more exciting! 〉The Air Jordan 4 Linen, which will be on sale in 2006, will resume in June this year. Ditto for one sale, and the repeat version is also GS exclusive. use this color in addition to the use of a large area of white and light colored sand, still tongue and heel Jumpman log and lining is used on the horizon blue text. shoes information: Air Jordan 4 GS "Linen" color: White/Boarder, Blue-Light, Sand number: 487724-118 offer date: June 10, 2017 price: $140 APP download [get], WeChat publi cheap jordans online c number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Japanese street brand C.E (Cav Empt) continues to bring new updates this week, retro shirts, big eyes Tee still show C.E unique aesthetic style. like friends hurry to C.E official website to buy it, some styles can also buy. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!The most recent fire is red, red storm another round of sweeping a and a classic shoes, and this Nike has brought many women shoes alone is the red version of Air Force 1. The new red suede shoes cover, and Swoosh, even by the red shoelaces inside decoration, finally with a red transparent sole show. nike-air-force-1-low-womens-solar-red-1. Cheap air jordans for sale jpg (147.72 KB, download number: 1) download Nike WMS Air Force 1 All-Red 2015-3-7 09:05 upload nike-air-force-1-low-womens-solar-red-3.jpg (60.14 KB, download number: 1) download Nike WMS Air Force 1 All-Red 2015-3-7 09:05 upload nike-air-force-1-low-womens-solar-red-4.jpg (104.57 KB, download number: 0) download Nike WMS Air Force 1 All-Red 2015-3-7 09:05 upload nike-air-force-1-low-womens-solar-red-2.jpg (60.18 KB, download number: 0) download Nike WMS Air Force 1 All-Red 2015-3-7 09:05 upload In March 2nd, the United States Las Vegas international shoes exhibition WSA SHOW 2009 spring exhibition in the United States on February 12th, kicked off. the Las Vegas International Footwear Fair is one of the largest and most influential footwear exhibitions in the world. It is sponsored by the World Shoe Association. The exhibition will be held in February and August each year, with a full display of the latest international footwear products and information for the coming season. The United States is a major importer of footwear, the market capacity is large, so the exhibition by more international footwear merchants participation and attention. The annual exhibition are all collected from around the world more than more than 1600 exhibitors, more than 6000 footwear brands and more than 34000 professionals in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Portugal and some other countries have also set up a power shoe museum, China as the world's footwear industry big country has also set up Chinese Museum, Chinese leather association organize enterprises to participate in consecutive years the exhibition, to obtain a satisfactory business effect, and expand the influence in the Chinese shoe exhibition and international footwear. while the US government has launched a series of economic stimulus plan, but the financial crisis has spread into a recession, consumer downturn in 2009, the exhibition affected in the haze, some exhibitors worry less orders or not, to cancel this year's exhibition plan as a whole the exhibition has been reduced by 18% compared to previous years, the number of Chinese Pavilion exhibitors compared to previous years also nearly halved. carry out before, many exhibitors have too much concern about this year's show, but is beyond all expectations, many exhibitors harvest in three days of the exhibition has some Chinese exhibitors not only got a satisfactory order, but also exposed to a lot of new customers. It has been for ten consecutive years to participate in the exhibition of Shantou shoe enterprises general manager Chen introduced, not the impact of financial crisis on life necessities as shoes sales, if the company's products of good quality, style right, not only can sign with orders, product sales prices will not drop. The first time Fujian shoe deputy general manager Huang told reporters stressed that enterprises want to develop the South American market, so come to the exhibition, although there are some effects of the economic crisis on the amount of business orders, but because the company's main products are men's casual shoes, and unique products in the exhibition, so this is also not a small harvest. Wenzhou shoes trade do general manager Zhang because attendance orders make him feel satisfied and happy accident, he at the end of the exhibition also emotional excitement. the exhibition of 40% buyers from the United States, in the East, 35% from the west, 25% from abroad, compared with the previous exhibition compared to international buyers is greatly improved, and foreign buyers mainly from Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Japan, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Indonesia and other countries and regions. This exhibition)