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+ sports correspondent Wang Xuebin reportsThe last Grand Slam open 2017 year in August 28th began, recently, Gambling company also announced the latest odds of winning. The men's singles, this year has won two grand slam Federer topped the list, followed by Nadal. Since Murray announced that due to injury from the U.S., the No. 4 seed Zvi Lev even third. The women's singles, Wimbledon Champions mugulazha 1 than 5 top ranked first in the world, Pulis Bokova ranked second. But women players between the odds are similar, there are indications that the women's singles competition may turn into a melee. : a cheap jordans for sale mens ll the men's singles top two new forces worth looking forward to Federer 1 to 2.6 topped the list, become the number one popular fully deserve. Federer this year has been off the Australian Open and Wimbledon two Grand Slam, plus Indian and Miami Wells two masters champion. Season so far, hard won 23 wins and 2 losses record 92% games in horror, hard this year, winning the top of the charts, so we have every reason to believe that the Swiss will have a as in the u.s.. In addition, Federer once in Fala Sheng Park summit dates back to 2008, that is desperate for us will become the great power forward Fede Retro jordans for sale rer. "Tennis" magazine editor Federer kallet is also optimistic about the summit, "Nadal from a state of the North American hardcourt season began to decline, Murray has been plagued by injuries, and the Swiss people don't have to face the strong impact of the Djokovic or Wahlin card. The most important thing is that Roger has been fully rested". After Nadal 1 to 4 odds followed Federer, is another popular title. "Tennis" magazine editor pointed out: "although Benitez in hard competition in August total setbacks, but the five disc three wins the game is completely different, the Spaniard is still the mo Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping st good at playing one of the players". Cincinnati of bureau, Nadal came to the park Fala Sheng into training, obviously the Spaniard for the US Open the very idea, "I believe in a year's time, I hit the highest level are ready at the US Open, so I'm looking forward to it". Although fenagh still ranked the top two, but it is undeniable that two dominance has declined compared with the beginning of this year, the US Open Men's singles champion have more suspense. The odds of winning Zvi Lev ranked third this season, has won two masters champion. Best record in Grand Slam only for the fourth round of the Retro jordans for sale Germans, will want to make a breakthrough in the u.s.. In addition, the Cincinnati masters championship and Dimitrov J Jerzy Goss also has the potential to become a "spoiler". : Women's singles mugulazha women's singles top advantage is not obvious or reoccurrence of melee mugulazha in the ratio of 1 to 5 at the top, is the favorite to win. The Spaniard at Wimbledon this year were not optimistic about the situation, bottoming out, for the first time won the rosewater dish. After Wimbledon, mugulazha never again fall into the "Grand Slam" syndrome, Cincinnati got his first super five championship. This Cheap air jordans for sale year, the US Open. many people are lamenting Nike getting worse, in today's sports market gradually not in dominance, now say more are Adidas and feel proud of coconut boost, not only that, in the streets, the figure is more and more Adidas. As a Nike fan, this feeling is more and more deep. is a recently released by YAHOO pictures constantly circulated on the Internet, dark blue is the 16 year in May in the United States accounted for the brand market share, while the light blue part is in May 17 brand market share. can see, NIKE share in the field of sports today's growth did not decline and small a Cheap air jordan 12 ovo mplitude. Its main brand Jordan Brand within a year of sharp decline in market share of 3%. NIKE general frustration situation, Adidas in the past only within a year of market share nearly doubled, rising from 6.3% to 11.3%. Although Nike overall in the United States still occupies 3 have more market share, but can not help but admire Adidas strong momentum of development, only a year of market share and Jordan Brand flat. finished the United States sports market, we look at the NIKE and Adidas of our Greater China growth. Nike started growth no longer in the Greater China market share in 13 years, cheap jordan shoes for men from 11 to 15 years between Adidas increased from 8.5% to 14%, with basically the same as Nike market, especially in the 12 years to 13 years the most rapid growth. Chinese market is the world's second largest consumer market, is also the most potential consumer market, many businesses are the future policy on the Chinese market. In recent years, Nike market growth slowed down, Adidas growth rate have a great relationship with a person. Who is he? I believe you will have guessed Adidas # sports # is at the end of the 13 year Kanye and Nike broke up when Kanye dissatisfaction Nike promised 400W salary, cheap foamposites according to the requirements of sales into. However, when the Nike for their strength very confident, and did not make a compromise between the two, eventually falling out, Kanye is switched to Adidas, the introduction of new adidas yeezy series, which leads to the shrinking of the market continue to nike. before that, Kanye has always been fans of Nike When was still Kanye Nike, Air Yeezy Nike is the heavy shoes in the resale market is comparable to the presence of AJ. Nike Air yeezy 1 Nike Air yeezy 2But for kan〉 Nike Lunar New Year is approaching, a series of don't note version of the ful cheap jordans for sale l release, elements of the design can not be separated from the ubiquitous color and the monkey, banana and so on, and Reebok launched insta pump fury road is relatively low-key, black shoes with white geometric line draw the outline of abstract monkey sub pattern, also in the heel impose red represents good luck as a decoration, the overall design is full of sense of the future, with the cost is higher than other monkey year special edition design indeed superior. source: HYPEBEASTnormally like to wear the girls have welfare Jordan, and the Jordan Brand sneakers created specifically for a female named Jo cheap jordans online rdan Future GS "Bleached Turquoise", which is double Jordan Future GS turquoise shoes with the main tune In 3M reflective nylon cloth and turquoise mix together to create a pamper beauty, in the heat of summer, the girls put double Jordan Future GS casual shorts with an absolutely perfect. Jordan Future GS "Bleached Turquoise" to be on sale, and interested friends may pay more attention!Li Chen nic sun latest Air Jordan 4 "Toro Bravo" 2013-12-08 23:29:00 This weekend a month, the most heavy footwear Air Jordan 4 "Toro Bravo" in the domestic sale, caused quite a stir. Today, one of the main reason people NPC & nbsp; Li Chen nic also drying out on the network their latest Air Jordan 4 "Toro Bravo" on foot photos, you, you start with that? Air Jordan 11 "Red" or will be by the end of the sale 2015-07-17 14:22:38 Earlier this exposed or a commercially available double Air Jordan 11 "Red" network appeared again today, according to the Emperor's news channel, the shoes will be available at the end of this year or, use red rendering vamp, with transparent white midsole and outsole make this strong sense of color contrast. Although no official information released, but by virtue of the principle of no smoke without fire, and the credibility of the message has most probably it! For this we will continue coverage for everyone, I hope you can a lot of attention. & nbsp; Band of Outsiders x Vans Authentic Real debut 2013-12-09 00:01:17 Vans skateboard brand in Los Angeles recently invited local fashion brand Band of Outsiders, classic Authentic modeled starting materials made of gray woolen shoes body full texture. In addition, the biggest bright spot is that shoelace shoes eye, insole and outsole are red and blue duck design, and finally with Vans signature white midsole, bursting with flavor trends. It is reported that the shoes will be Nov. 23 at Band of Outsiders entity shops for sale in Los Angeles, a friend may wish to look. Under Armour Invitational third Jennings special shoes 2013-12-08 22:52:21 In order to meet the third Saturday at the Under Armour & nbsp; Annual Brandon Jennings Basketball Tournament, Under Armour specifically for this games launched a special color of Under Armour Charge BB and Spine Bionic, which uses two pairs of new shoes blue color gradient design, with translucent white crystal outsole, very refreshing. But there is no information on these two shoe commercial.