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Chinese shoes Network November 28 hearing, this week's three big Yinxian although not completely destroyed since the mid 2639 points upward trend, but the turnover is still significantly enlarge the market psychology caused some negative impact. For since 4 August 3478 start of the market trend, I have defined as "Nike trend", 2639 starting point is a hook up Nike. For the moment, this trend continues, 3478 is still hard to believe that a high point of the year. That is to say, "Nike rose" There is no finish, but subsequent market strength may not be expected so full. For the market reflects two significant features now, in the eyes of the long and short sides has a different interpretation. The first is the active subject shares. A Cheap air jordan 12 ovo lthough the index stride, but the stock activity increase, the price of a considerable number of stocks not only have long crossed the 3478 point, and even far more than the level of 6124 points. In the multi-view, active stocks showed confidence in capital, it is stated that the market no shortage of fellow travelers, even flower drum transfer, are also convinced that he will not be the last bar. In the empty square in the eyes, this is tantamount to castles in the air as speculation blade bloodthirsty, once the overall wind direction changes, opportunities may Lianpao are not. Secondly, collective aphasia heavyweight. "When stepping up when down lead" directly to the director of the index heavyweights of mediocrity, otherwise the ov Cheap air jordans for sale erall performance of individual stocks now, 3478 would have not a high point of the year. Multi natural thought, stepping directly heavyweight blocked the market's downside, "Financial AH share price upside down a large area," the news, but from one side of this effectiveness blocked. But the short side more willing to believe that this stepping is helpless and passive, once the subject shares Zhetou high valuation, then the same will not buck the trend of heavyweight, at most, the subject shares fell less than nothing. Until then, upside down or not long ago no longer important. both long and short view has its rationality, in my opinion, "subject shares continued to be active, heavyweight gradually warm up" should be very difficult Retro jordans for sale to have a fundamental change in the recent trend. Since it is a flower drum pass of the game, so no matter how many people pass, eventually someone always pays the bill, and once it was buried in a single, then a long period of time, is no longer someone to "liberation of all mankind," the. In the heat of the current shares subject of speculation, the carnival Assembly had sounded, the funds will magnify some good news for their future as much as possible to flee leaving enough space stock price, then pull dry onions trend emerging. But investors need to note that there has been speculation the subject is in the market, the difference is only spread to the stage to change the size and scope of the subject matter. So resolutely avoided cheap jordans online dry pull onions type stocks, while continuing to focus on the subject of speculation and participation, in order to obtain excess returns. One is related to the Bank of China (4.04, -0.09, -2.18%) billion refinancing rumors overwhelmed broader market Tuesday, indicating that the market's fragile and sensitive, not to mention "short-term and temporary No "does not fundamentally remove market concerns, but the adequacy of the listed bank refinancing to good macroeconomic fundamentals continue to compete? Whether refinancing boom will really overwhelm the current market? We need to weigh yourself. international investment banks now have to sing, the sound can not be simply "racking our brains." They will pay more attention to the macr cheap jordans for sale oeconomic situation and the flow of hot money in the state. A top investment bank said that growth in the last two months of domestic volume exceeded M1 M2, showed a tendency of demand deposits. While demand deposits into purpose is to invest in the stock and property markets. Data show that M1 M2 ratio is high, but also that the next few months the stock market liquidity is very ample, which means the end of this year, the stock market's performance will be very good. Imagine if hot money into the A-share market, while not excluding join in the fun, the possibility of the subject shares of speculation, but its main goal must be with the macroeconomic development of the market more closely linked heavyweights. Because its investment i cheap foamposites s disciplined, it is impossible that similar domestic hot money "wants to play where, where to hit." In addition, it will also implement domestic institutional funds transfer positions move. When the small and medium capitalization stocks they hold shares rising, for profit, and security considerations, reduction of the subject shares should be difficult to avoid the behavior, and if the reduction of funds for the position out of consideration, then reflux significantly in the low end of the market heavyweight market valuation, should be a high probability event. This is also the reason why I think one of the reasons "heavyweights will gradually warm up" the. Since the subject shares staged overheating, plus super heavyweight difficul cheap jordan shoes for men t to expect imagination, but also need real money inflows, so the market after three big line may be relatively weak, transition also it takes time. In addition, the Dubai event will become an important factor in the impact of recent external market, we need to pay close attention. Late "Nike rose" might be more gentle rising slope. subject matter is there has been speculation in the market, the difference is just the size of the stage changes affect the scope and subject matter. So resolutely avoided dry pull onions type stocks, while continuing to focus on the subject of speculation and participation, in order to obtain excess returnsTo celebrate the 44 birthday of Pharrell Williams, Adidas Originals specially offered him a gift. Th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping is section of the NMD hot Human Race prototype, draw inspiration and colorful birthday cake, vamp, midsole and a stable block by the pure white decoration, and the iconic Human and Race words as the birthday candle is generally a riot of colours. adidas-nmd-human-race-birthday-1.jpg (225 KB, download number: 33) download adidas NMD Human Race Birthday 2017-4-7 08:37 Adidas NMD Human Race upload, Birthday, 00, a birthday cake : : Part 1: has the operating environment changed, ?; the road to listing BELLE's listing in the industry caused discussion, which brings us another kind of view that the capital market is so close to us. Brand for shoes enterprises have more far-reaching significance, through the influence of Retro jordans for sale brand integration of resources, industrial restructuring, to attract funds to go public, become the only way for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. BELLE, Anta, Angelo listed capital prices, according to the relevant financial reports, YOUNGOR started to clothing group Limited by Share Ltd, Binbin group during the first half of 2007 in the capital market to earn 20 billion, local enterprises in Wenzhou AOKANG, red dragonfly, CHINT, Metersbonwe is preparing for listing. From the commodity to the brand to the capital operation, enterprise development has become increasingly clear three steps; production as the root, brand for the development of ideas, the capital operation mainly is the enterprise to the right. transfer cheap jordans for sale mens of funds recently, the domestic real estate market, stock funds continued to increase, in the footwear retail market operation costs increasing, increasingly meager profits, the decline in the real rate of return on investment, terminal operators, regional distributors, manufacturers gradually transfer of capital and energy, the direct cause of the decline in sales steady or not before, because of rising prices, the cost of living expenses increased, consumers' personal capital investment in real estate, stock and fund market led to a decline in retail purchasing power. According to the statistics of the relevant departments of the state, compared with the same period last year, the national economy grew by 11% in the first half, but the consumption index dropped by 9%. essential competition; with the increasingly fierce market competition, increasing middle class consumers, rational and mature, more serious homogenization, the core competitiveness of more and more obvious, style, technique, style and details of the service operation of products is more and more important. Therefore, footwear retail market competition from product competition to the brand competition and product competition in the transition to return to the essence of the details of the competition, that is to say in the serious homogenization of the core competitiveness of enterprises is not obvious, only in the production, marketing and operation of each link, through the details of management can provide better the product, a lower price at a faster speed, more practical services to serve the market, to win the market in essence. two division & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] from Canada, drawing artists Dead Dilly the two sports brand Nike and adida headed popular shoes are mixed together, and a unique visual way to present . 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(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre) & nbsp;nike-zoom-mercurial-xi-flyknit-sail-002.jpg (117.19 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Zoom Mercurial XI Flyknit Sail 2017-1-15 09:12 upload converse-2014-first-string-1970s-chuck-taylor-all-star-collection-1.jpg (73.92 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:18 upload converse-2014-first-string-1970s-chuck-taylor-all-star-collection-2.jpg (94.88 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:18 upload converse-2014-first-string-1970s-chuck-taylor-all-star-collection-3.jpg (72.7 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:18 upload Taylor, 201400